Dating Older Women: Why and How?

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What Should You Know

When it comes to dating, there is a famous saying: love has no age. We could extend it by saying that attraction, compatibility, and pleasure has no age. So, if you found someone that you like and that interest you, who cares how old she is? After all, age is just a number, so why not dating an older woman? Even if it might be considered as “weird” or “not right” for traditional and close-minded people, couples with age gaps are existing all around the world since the creation of the earth. And actually, dating someone who is older than you might turn out to be a very fulfilling, exciting, and interesting experience for both of you in many aspects!

Why Mature Women Have a Hard Time Dating?

When women reach a certain age, it becomes more and more difficult to date for them. Indeed, they don’t go out as much as they used to, they don’t go to bars, clubs, or wild parties anymore, so they have fewer occasions to meet new singles. Also, their social circle gets smaller, and most of their friends have settled down, so they don’t get that many opportunities to meet potential partners. Moreover, they are now dealing with many responsibilities (their job, their financial situation, their children if they have some, the stress of getting older.) so they might not be in the mood to go out of their houses to start looking for other singles. Also, there is another element that makes dating particularly difficult for mature women: they start noticing some changes in their body, and they may have to go through a phase where they start having a lot of complexes about it and start feeling insecure. They might even feel like they cannot be attractive anymore to the eyes of most men. In addition to that, there are a lot of taboos in our society regarding an old woman dating, and some people may judge her for looking for a younger man. Consequently, the fear of being judged can prevent them from trying to flirt with strangers. Fortunately, with online dating, it becomes easier for them to date since they don’t have to leave their house in order to meet new singles, and they can be sure that the persons they are talking with already like them.

How to Start a Conversation with an Older Woman?

Because of all the reasons, we explained above, a lot of mature women are now using online dating in order to meet new singles. So if you want to meet many mature women easily, a good method could be to register to an online dating site and start searching there because you will have a lot of choices! But once you found a woman you like, how should you start the conversation? Well, the key to start conversing is to use open-ended questions. The idea is to ask her a question that will lead to a conversation immediately. If you ask her, “how are you?” “how old are you?” or “where are you from?”, these questions are not great at all because it will lead to a short answer from her and you will have nothing else to respond to her answer. Actually, if you do that, you will be collecting information exactly the way a police officer would! So you will, of course, arrive nowhere with these types of questions. Instead, if you ask questions that start with “What do you think of.?”, “Can you explain to me why.?” or “Can you give me a bit of advice on.?” this will automatically provoke a longer answer and maybe a conversation. So your first question should always be open. In addition to that, try to be as funny and original as you can. Indeed, nobody wants to get stuck in a boring conversation with a stranger, so make her understand right from the start that this conversation will be light, short, and amusing! And if you are starting a conversation offline, in a bar, for instance, don’t forget to smile and to look her in the eyes in order to show confidence and to look trustworthy. Also, you can let her know right from the start that this conversation won’t be long because you have to go somewhere else or because you do not want to bother her. This way, she will know that you are caring about not boring her and that there is no pressure to stay in the conversation with you for hours. She will then be more relaxed right from the start and be able to enjoy the conversation right from the start without worrying about you taking her too much of her time. And if you want, you can also start asking for her advice. Indeed, mature women love to use their experience in order to help younger persons!

How Can I Impress an Older Woman?

Now that you started the conversation with her, you want to go to the next level and impress her in order to start the seduction process? Well, the best way to impress her is simply to have the best conversation with her. She must feel joy and a lot of positive emotions and vibes while she talks with you so that she will feel that she wants more of you. To do so, talk about positive topics. For instance, you can ask her about her travels, the adventures she lived abroad, and share some of your epic stories about traveling also with her. You can also make her talk about her dreams, her desires, ambitions, passions. Always this topic brings joy and excitement!

So if you want to date an older woman, don’t hesitate anymore and go for it! There are a lot of mature women seeking a younger man to share great moments with and to revive their youth! So whether it is through online dating or not, start conversations with them with open-ended questions and see where it will lead you!