How Relationships with Sugar Daddies Work?

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When it comes to dating, there is a lot of different combinations possible. The typical traditional couple of two people of the same age is now an outdated concept. Now people tend to be able to break the barriers of age and differences more easily and more openly than before. As a result of this more open-minded mindset regarding relationships, we saw a lot of new kinds of relationships appearing. And one of this new kind of relationship is the sugar daddy - sugar baby relationship. Even though it is not completely socially accepted yet, more and more people are having these kinds of relationships, and online dating has made it easier than ever by building dating sites, especially for sugar daddies.

How Old Is the Average Sugar Daddy?

The idea of a sugar daddy is that a mature man will date a young woman, and in exchange, he will be generous towards her financially speaking and offer her the possibility to have a way better lifestyle than she would normally. So sugar daddies are generally mature men who had the time to have a successful career and to accumulate a certain fortune. According to recent studies, it was found that the average sugar daddy is over 45 years old.

What Is a Sugar Daddy Arrangement?

As we explained above, the basic idea of a sugar daddy arrangement is that someone mature will date a younger person. And since older people are usually less attractive than younger people, the young person will be in a way compensated by having access to the fortune of the older person. But it is not necessarily always a mature man with a young woman! It could also be a mature woman dating a young man. Then we will call it sugar mama, but it is the same concept. This arrangement is a win-win situation because, on the one hand, the older person get to date someone younger which would be difficult otherwise (and since many sugar daddies are rich businessman, they don’t have the time to be chasing young women and to try to seduce them, so this arrangement is more suitable for them), and on the other hand, the young girl will have access to a lot of things she would not have access to normally because of her age. She can have fancy cars, enormous and luxurious wardrobes, she can go on incredible trips all around the world in luxurious hotels and sometimes the sugar daddy simply give them money directly also.

But the thing that you have to understand is that all sugar daddy arrangements are different according to the persons involved. This is why, at the very beginning of the relationship, it is important to set the rules straight. Usually, the arrangement is made right from the start, so the young woman will ask the sugar daddy what he expects. Does he want someone to keep him company? Someone to come with him to dinners? Someone, to show him affection, to hug him, kiss him, and hold his hand? On the other hand, someone to have sexual relations with? These questions are usually addressed at the beginning to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, the financial agreement will be made right from the start to avoid any reproach that could arise later on. According to some sugar babies, (this is how we call the younger girl in this situation), there are also some unwritten rules to these arrangements. For instance, even though these relationships are usually with no strings attached, most sugar daddies want to feel like their sugar babies are attracted to them. So even if they are not, they have to fake having an emotional and physical attraction for them to some extent.

How to Be the Best Sugar Daddy?

If you are interested in becoming a sugar daddy, there are a few rules that you should follow in order to be successful at it. First of all, you should communicate as much as you can with your sugar baby. Even though you may not be building a serious relationship, it is still important to let her know right from the start what you expect from her and what she can expect from you. And during your relationship, try to learn more about her in order to be able to better fulfill her expectations and meet her needs. Another thing that is very important is to always keep your promises. You told her that you were going to buy her a car? Or that you were going to bring her to this fancy restaurant that she likes? Then you have to put your money where your mouth is! Because it is not fair to give her false hopes.

If she realizes that you are not able to keep your word, you can be sure that she will run away quickly! Something else that you should keep in mind is never to judge her. Indeed, she is here so that you can have a good time: be grateful for that. Don’t insinuate that she is some kind of prostitute for rich men or something and that she does not have the ability to do anything else. If you see that she is struggling with something in her life, offer her your help and always encourage her to become a better person, to achieve her goals, and to improve herself and to improve her life by making good decisions. The last thing that is important is simply to be sincere. Like in any other relationship, sincerity is the key. If you take the habit of lying to her, she will feel that she is not respected, and she might run away eventually. So if you are a mature man looking for a young woman to date, or if you are a young woman looking for your sugar daddy, there is the possibility of creating a win-win relationship, and if you do not know how to meet a sugar daddy, there are dating site dedicated to that. But remember to make a clear arrangement right from the beginning. And if you are a sugar daddy, remember to follow the few advice we gave you above to be the best sugar daddy there is!