How to Seduce an Older Woman?

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How to Attract Older Women

When it comes to seduction, the basic foundations remain the same regardless the age, the personality, the nationality. Nonetheless, if you are trying to seduce an older woman, there are different elements that you should take into account and several differences that you should deal with in order to be successful when it comes to attracting them. So if you want to know what are the different unwritten rules and tips that you could use in order to attract older women more easily, in a more natural, relaxed and smooth way, keep on reading!

How to Tell if an Older Woman Is Interested?

The first thing that you should be able to do is to tell when an older woman is interested in dating you or not. If you have trouble with this, you will miss many opportunities, and you will also put yourself in a lot of uncomfortable situations created by misunderstanding! This is why you have to put a lot of attention in order to be sure regarding their intentions. First of all, is she looking at you? If a woman is looking at you clearly and if you exchange eye contacts, you can be sure that she might be interested in you. Of course, you have to be sure that she is really looking at you and not simply looking around and scanning the room, so don’t get excited too fast! Nevertheless, don’t think that she has to be looking at you frequently or intensely for it to count because many women are shy and will only make brief eye contact with you. If you are not sure if she is interested in you or not, there is another sign more obvious: if she is smiling at you or not. If she is looking at you and in addition to that, joking at you, giving you a warm and genuine smile, then she could be interested. So smile back at her, and if the reaction is positive, it is time to go talk to her and introduce yourself!

When the conversation starts, there are a lot of different other signs that will tell you if she is interested or not. If she is listening to you attentively, that is a good sign because she would not give you that much attention if she were not interested. Also, if she asks you a lot of questions, or if she is involved in the conversation and makes efforts to keep the conversation going, this shows that she is interested. But sometimes, they can also give you more obvious signs. For instance, if they mention another man’s interest in her, it can be a way to make you feel jealous and to demonstrate that she is desirable, according to other men. But the signs that are the most obvious are when she let you know that she is single in the conversation or if she asks you if you are single. If this topic is brought up by her, this is a very good sign for you. Actually, anything personal she will ask you is a sign that she wants to know you deeper and have the closest relationship with you, so it is always a sign of interest! Also, when older women are interested, they tend to be more straightforward, so if she starts complimenting you, you know you are doing great.

Finally, there is the last sign that is extremely positive: the physical contacts she will have with you. If she touches you unnecessarily, it is a clear sign of interest on her part! She might put her hand on your arm, on your shoulder, touch your hair. In all cases, this means one word: interest.

How to Flirt With an Older Woman over Text?

Now, if you use a dating site, you won’t have these problems of having to guess if a woman is looking at you or not and if she is smiling at you to invite you to talk to her or not. When you use online dating, you already know that the woman is interested since she is on the website to meet singles, and your profile matched with her, so she potentially likes you. However, the first step of the seduction will be by text only. So how to do this effectively?

Well, the first message that you will send should catch her attention. Of course, you will start the conversation casually, but you should start with something funny or interesting. If you start with something boring such as “Hello, how are you?” she might not even answer your first message in fear of entering a boring conversation with a boring person. So, your first text should be funny and intriguing! When the conversation starts, try to keep it as entertaining as you can. The idea is that every time she sees that she had a new text from you, she will feel excited and will want to open it quickly to know what you will say next. However, you have to be careful about something: don’t over text and don’t send texts that are too long or that asked you too much effort. Indeed, the idea is to always leave her wanting more, so the last thing you want to do is to start revealing too much about yourself and showing too much interest!

Also, if you do that, it will seem like you have nothing else to do during your day than texting all the time, so you will look like someone with a boring life and few things to do with his time, which is not attractive. Once the conversation gets going and once she starts being involved in the conversation, try to make her interested in you! So everything interesting about yourself, don’t be afraid to mention it! Will you go on a crazy trip in a few weeks? You had interesting experiences in your professional life? Did you meet very interesting persons? You did something that is out of the ordinary? Mention it and let her ask questions about it! Now, the roles will be changed, and she will be the one feeding the conversation with her questions!

To sum up, when it comes to dating older women, except the fact that they might be more straightforward than younger women might, there are not so many differences. So just pay attention to all the signs of interest that we mentioned, don’t be afraid to start a conversation if she seems interested, and make her interested in you! Also, don’t be afraid to show your interest and be straightforward since older women tend to know what they want!